Posted: 05/08/2009 | may 8th, 2009

I’m back in Bangkok. Lo sé. Lo sé. Didn’t I just leave? Wasn’t I just living in Taipei? A great deal of things can modification truly quickly. I’ve been right here two weeks, as well as in spite of my wish to be productive, that hasn’t occurred yet. I made the error of staying ideal near the very best as well as a lot of prominent hangout in Bangkok (at least for my friends) — inexpensive Charlies. I’ve been staying at Suk 11 ideal across the street. If you’re in Bangkok as well as trying to find a hostel that’s affordable, centrally located, as well as clean, this is the location to be. It’s one of the nicest locations I’ve stayed. It’s made from teak wood as well as there are a great deal of plants all around, producing a nice, natural feeling in a city that doesn’t feel natural at all. (Update: Suk 11 is now closed.)

Since it’s ideal near my preferred watering hole, I discovered myself coming house from dinner each night as well as being continuously dragged in for a drink by my friends. There have been three holidays in Thailand in the last two weeks, so a great deal of people have been taking time off, as well as the bar’s been bursting with people each night. Last night’s going-away celebration only added to the madness. One drink quickly turns into three or four, which normally lands me back in my bed around 4am.

Taiwan lacked a great deal of things I like about locations in Asia: a great nightlife, pirated movies, good, inexpensive street food, as well as great deals of tropical islands to visit. I’ve gone with about 10 motion pictures this week alone. I’ve been eating Thai street food every possibility I get. I’ve truly missed it, particularly the pork noodle soup that can only be discovered in the street stalls of the country. It’s succulent pork as well as fresh noodles are my mainstay for a quick, cheap, as well as filling meal. I’ve been checking out >my preferred restaurants as well as catching up with old friends.

Being back in Bangkok has made me recognize exactly how much I like it as well as exactly how I’ll never be able to completely leave. From the second I stepped off the plane, I felt as though I was home. The craziness, the smells, the crowds, the traffic, the pollution, the street food – it was all so comforting as well as exciting.

Bangkok is like that for us all. It grips you as well as you can never completely leave. You can getaway for short periods of time, however you’ll always be back. There’s something addictive about this city. perhaps it’s the contamination in the air, however whatever it is, you can’t leave. My good friend Natalie left a year back as well as has been back about seven times since. My good friends tell me now they will no longer come to my going-away celebrations since they understand I will come back in a few months.

Lots of cities you online in as well as like as well as return to visit, however I feel that with Bangkok, people return a lot more often. I really feel that method about Thailand in general. everybody I satisfy who’s been right here can’t wait to find back, as well as they normally do. This city just grabs you as well as sucks you in.

Bangkok is a vortex as well as if you stay right here long enough, you can get sucked in as well as never leave. everybody I understand who’s been right here longer than two or three years states they’ll never leave. They just can’t cope with living anywhere else. The craziness of the city is unique, as well as when you’re utilized to it, nowhere else compares.

In January, I closed the chapter on living in Bangkok long term. a lot more than a few months here, as well as I feel lost as well as as well sucked into that vortex. however being back right here feels like coming house as well as like taking a hit of some powerful stuff. as well as like any type of great addict, I can’t be away from my medication as well long. Anything longer than a few months, as well as I go with severe withdrawal.

Coming back here, though normally poor for my liver, recharges my batteries. as well as with this visit, I realized that no matter exactly how far I go, no matter where I go, no matter exactly how much I try to escape, Bangkok will always have a hold on me. as well as I’ll return to it to get my fix.

Some people online in cities as well as step on as well as never return. Yo no. I’ll never be complimentary of this city.

But, then again, I never want to be.

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